Legal Digital Marketing

S1 E5: NTL 2020 Digital Marketing Conversation

In this bonus episode, Grace and Liel do a rundown of the legal digital marketing workshop that took place at this year’s Trial Lawyers Summit in Miami Florida on Sunday, January 19. Google My Business, Pay Per Click, Social Media, Content Marketing and Intake are among the topics reviewed from the panel talks, which included…

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S1 E1: Take Me to the SERP Top

In the first episode of the In Camera Podcast, Grace and Liel introduce themselves and explain why they started this podcast and what you should expect to get from listening to it.   They share valuable tips on various topics across legal digital marketing (including local SEO, PPC and websites), and they walk you through the…

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S1 Trailer: Welcome to In Camera Podcast

Come on in, make yourself comfortable, because what you are about to hear is what others have been hiding from you. Welcome to In Camera Podcast, where we expose private legal marketing conversations. I am Liel Levy, co-founder of Nanato Media, a multicultural digital marketing agency specialized in legal marketing based out of Austin, TX. Grace Montealegre is my…

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