S2 E18: Mass Torts Nuts and Bolts

In this week’s conversation, Grace shares a recent presentation that Persist Communications put together, along with other Mass Tort experts for MTMP Connect webinar series. Grace shares in-depth insights on how Mass Torts are identified in the first place and the extensive process that has to take place before a Mass Tort gets reviewed by…

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7: Write Your Own FAQs

What you should be writing about and how you should do it is at the center of this week’s legal marketing conversation as Alex Valencia, Co-Owner at WeDoWebContent.com, join us for a chat on content marketing. Alex shares the reasons why you should write with intent while keeping in mind what Google wants to see…

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Welcome to In Camera Podcast

Come on in, make yourself comfortable, because what you are about to hear is what others have been hiding from you. Welcome to In Camera Podcast, where we expose private legal marketing conversations. I am Liel Levy, co-founder of Nanato Media, a multicultural digital marketing agency specialized in legal marketing based out of Austin, TX. Grace Montealegre is my…

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