It’s 2022. For the first episode of our fourth season, we discuss hope, privacy, and the importance of top-of-the-funnel marketing for law firms.

We examine why desktop traffic is becoming increasingly more important and how DuckDuckGo’s upcoming release of a desktop browser might affect your legal practice’s traffic.

Spoiler alert! Not much.

Yet. Still, this is something you should look out for.

Meta (aka Facebook) is starting the year with more regulations to their targeting options. Another reason why you can’t only rely on third-party data and make an extra effort to get to know the users who already like and trust your law firm and use your data to find more like them.

Lots of lawyers brush off display advertising as ineffective. Still, to first test the effectiveness of display advertising, you need to make sure you start by having a well-composed display creative. In this episode, we explore how to create an effective static banner.

Welcome to the new year and our fourth season of private legal marketing conversations!

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