There is not one day in the news cycle where new cyberattacks are not part of the top news stories. But to think that cyberattacks are only targeting the government or international organizations is far from reality. Anyone can be the subject to them, and in this week’s conversation, Nathan Cucciare from N8 Solutions joins us to talk about it.

A 100+ team law firm that loses all their data in a matter of hours? Yes, Nathan has come across this and has also solved the problem, and what his questions will make you wonder is whether your law firm is prepared for a potential attack.

Cloud vs. Local, which one is the safest? Mac vs. PC, which one is best for your business? Is antivirus still relevant? Answers to this and many more plus actionable takeaways.

If you would like to book a discovery consultation with Nathan and find out if your law firm is doing enough to protect itself, you can submit a request here.

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