Sometimes the most difficult thing to acknowledge is that you are not to blame, especially when it comes to Google Ads-related problems. In this episode, we conclude Grace’s Google Ads Performance Max story and the conclusion may surprise you.

The conversation begins with Liel speaking on the first day of SXSW 2022 in Austin, Texas. Grace and Liel discuss the significance and worth of going to conferences outside of those targeted towards the legal industry.

Liel shares some takeaways from sessions he attended earlier in the day by Jonathan Brill on how to future proof your business growth strategy and what it means to “see the future”. He also covers the latest in predictions for business, tech, retail, and more by NYU’s professor Scott Galloway, who has a logical but unconventional opinion of what the metaverse will look like.

Prepare yourself for a whole new see, talk, explore marketing and apply it to legal marketing.

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