In this week’s conversation, Grace shares a recent presentation that Persist Communications put together, along with other Mass Tort experts for MTMP Connect webinar series. Grace shares in-depth insights on how Mass Torts are identified in the first place and the extensive process that has to take place before a Mass Tort gets reviewed by the “Blue Ribbon” panel of judges.

Are recalls necessary to determine the potential of a mass tort? Questions like this are the center for the conversation that explores why there is no one secret formula identifying a potential mass torts and why even when some feel very strongly about a case, others may not see the potential.

We review the five metrics that your digital marketing strategy has to be based on to be profitable:

  • Total Conversion Rate
  • Campaign-Level Conversions
  • Cost Per Conversion
  • Leads to Close Ratio
  • Cost Per Acquisition

Resources mentioned in this episode:

MTMP Fall Seminar 

MTMP Connect

Leaders in Mass Torts

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