IGrace and Liel meet at the CEO Lawyer Summit in last week’s episode, a fairly new summit with a fresh take on legal conferencing. And in this week’s conversation, we explore how we experienced our first time attending this event.

Ali Awad first started exploring this topic back in 2011 when he realized that his personality type was not well suited for being a good lawyer. He says that from there on out, something just clicked as he became an entrepreneur with a mission of teaching lawyers how they can run their businesses better. In doing so, The CEO Lawyer emerged as Ali has built his brand around the idea of helping lawyers become entrepreneurs and leaders rather than people who simply practice law.

The CEO Lawyer Summit is a fairly new summit with a fresh take on legal conferencing. It was created by Ali Awad, aka The CEO Lawyer. It covers a wide range of topics, from building your case from a medical standpoint to running a law firm virtually to the recipe for creating your content machine.

If you attended the summit, then this is a good recap of what went on, but if you missed it this year, this is an excellent opportunity to learn about a new way to look at the business of law.

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