It’s 2021, which means that it’s time to deal with reality, and while 2020’s shadow is still casting upon us. But it’s a new year, and there are plenty of legal marketing opportunities to explore if you are up for a challenge to take your law firm to the next level.

Google ended 2020 by releasing another massive core update in the first half of December. Like it often happens during and after core updates, law firms can experience fluctuations in their website organic rankings. Our conversation covers what considerations you should have about what could have impacted your rankings and what you should do next.

But first, If you haven’t yet made your Google My Business listing a central part of your law firm’s marketing strategy, you are missing a world of opportunities that could potentially generate more results for your law firm than your website.

So don’t let another day go by without leveraging the power of GMB and getting familiar with SMITH, Google’s new algorithm.

December 2020 Google Core Update and Its Impact on Attorney MarketingQuestions to consider if your site is hit by a core update

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