The year 2021 has witnessed the rise of new Mass Torts, the consolidation of existing ones, and a slow and silent fade of others (hmm, RoundUp). As we enter the final stretch of 2021, two new torts are breaking out, and we cover everything we know about them in this week’s episode.

One of them is infant formula, with the potential to have affected tens of thousands of infants all across the country. Some call it the “next big one,” but there are several questions yet to be answered and a strategy requiring advanced segmentation to avoid interfering with birth injury cases.

On the other hand, there are lead poisoning cases in Jackson, MS. While the qualifiers and target area are more straightforward, the complexity of torts involving municipalities, governments, and other organizations may add extra levels of complexity that make it impossible to predict where these will end.

Join our conversation to hear what we know and don’t know about two of the most recent mass torts out there.

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