It’s Cyber Monday. We’re officially in the last stretch of the year. And as you start planning for the next year, today is an excellent opportunity to get bargains on software that can power your law firm to reach the next level and only pay for a fraction of the price.

This week’s conversation looks at what “the great resignation” represents for law firms needing to fill positions and what proactive steps you can take to keep your employment package relevant to your team members and attract new talent when you need it. No, this has nothing to do with higher wages, healthcare, or 401k.

Hello, Google Ad Performance Max campaigns! That’s a new and improved form of Local Ads campaign that isn’t to be confused with Local Service Ads, which could be the next best opportunity for your law firm to take advantage of. We know this is confusing stuff, so let’s get started right away by listening up and getting all of the information you need to start making decisions and establishing priorities for 2022.

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