Many people want to be known as the greatest at anything, especially when it implies more and better clients. While many attorneys rely on accolades and accreditations to demonstrate their expertise, others frame themselves as authorities by behaving like one.

In today’s episode,Elise Holtzman, a former practicing attorney and executive coach who founded The Lawyer’s Edge, discussed how attorneys may increase their visibility in the legal and business communities, so they are not relegated to being a “best-kept secret.”

Elise explains what “raising your profile” entails and how it differs from merely engaging in marketing and promotion activities. She also discusses how lawyers may establish themselves as authorities without coming across as bragging or waiting years to gain expertise.

Whether you are already engaging in activities that are helping to raise your profile as a lawyer, or are just getting started, this episode has all the answers to set you up for success or take your strategy to the next level.

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