Wouldn’t it be great if you could have an advantage in your marketing efforts over all your law firm competitors in the market? But what would be even better is if you could influence your prospective clients to want to hire you fast. In this week’s episode we are joined byDr. Ron Ecclesto tell us the secret to creating an “Unfair Marketing Advantage” for your law firm.

Dr. Ron begins by explaining to Liel and Grace how having a why is the critical element of speaking to the emotional part of the brain of your law firm’s potential clients, which will automatically get them interested in what you have on offer for them. He then explains that telling stories can be very effective through his research with neuro-marketing and all kinds of branding campaigns he has been involved in over his career.

The conversation looks at why working with pros who can help you get right things you don’t know how to do yourself while also making it more efficient and less wasteful when time is your most valuable asset (which we totally agree upon!)

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