“Hello, hello? Can you hear me?” That’s any caller’s worst nightmare, but unfortunately, it could be happening at your law firm every single day. And while there is not one single answer to how to get telephone systems right, in this week’s conversation, we explore a few that can make this nightmare go away, and in fact, increase a lot the productivity of your team.

Grace explains why some of the most efficient telephone systems are the ones that are already integrated into the solutions in platforms you are very likely already using and how to expand their capabilities and efficiency with some simple tweaks.

Now, suppose you are in the privileged position of receiving hundreds of calls a day from new and existing clients. In that case, you have to get super-smart in your call distribution so your team can stay focused on handling cases as opposed to untangling the spiderweb that your telephone has become.


How Persist saves a quarter-million-dollar a year to The Law Offices of Gacovino Lake

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