Your law firm’s success depends on the number of prospective clients you attract, and the journey of converting prospects into clients starts with your intake; get it wrong, and there goes your law firm.

Nick Werker from Answering Legal joins us for a conversation that explores the difference between having a sound telephone system against a bulletproof intake process that keeps your quality prospects transitioning into clients, your team productive, and your law firm growing.

Nick revisits the importance of rapport and mirroring the caller’s tone. As expected, we discuss the importance of empathy, but most importantly, how to deliver empathy naturally and engagingly instead of a scripted empathy that does nothing to create trust.

If you want to learn more about how you can retain your best telephone agents, effectively qualify your callers, and stop missing out on potential clients, hit play now but first, be sure that someone is monitoring your law firm’s telephone line.

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