As if there weren’t enough new trends for law firms’ businesses and marketing, this week, we are throwing to the mix the cybersecurity trends that law firms should carefully consider during 2021.

It’s not a secret that some of the most significant changes, good changes that 2020 brought to law firms, are here to stay. From showing up to a hearing from home and meeting with clients from anywhere via video conference to ditching the morning commute, they are all in the mix.

But all of this power comes with great responsibility, and that is having the right cybersecurity in place. Or else you may end up being the one in need of legal representation.

Join us as we discuss what exciting and not-so-exciting news cybersecurity will bring in 2021 and what you could do to keep your law firm protected.

This episode conversation is based on an article that was published by StealthLabs.

Top 10 Cybersecurity Trends in 2021 and Beyond!

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