For the past year, Google has been testing Local Service Ads in two markets for two practice areas. And while there has been a wide range of opinions on the effectiveness of local service ads for law firms, Google at the end of July rolled this new type of campaign at national level and for most practice areas.

Now that is has been a few weeks since the release of the much anticipated LSA campaigns, law firms and marketers alike are left scratching their heads. Should you apply for Google Guaranteed? What is the difference between Guaranteed and Screened? Do you need to run campaigns to get certified by Google? How to apply?

Our conversation explains from the point of view of a law firm and a legal marketing agency, the process for applying, what is the difference between Guaranteed and Screened and the role of LSAs in all of this. Plus, the reasons why you should care about this meaningful step Google has taken towards promoting law firm services in a new way.

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