As we approach the 2021 countdown and eagerly look at leaving behind the unpredictability of 2020, we reflect on the legal trends that got accelerated for better or worse in 2020 and are here to stay.

Suppose you are one of the law firms that fell in love with video conferencing and remote working. In that case, we have some excellent news for you. A big part of your clients also did and will want you to continue doing it even after everything goes back to normal, and you can sit in front of someone in an enclosed space at a normal distance without wearing masks.

Some argue that 2020 accelerated business and consumer behavior at a rate of 10 years in technological progress. And this has pushed law firms to reassess their entire client experience, team skills, organizational structure, and even considering creating whole new positions to adapt to a new type of business model that won’t be gone even after the NYE ball drops.

5 Trends That Will Shape Legal Practices in 2021 by Sally Kane

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